Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing to Say

What can I say? The date is practically set. My parents will be in Colorado in a few short weeks to pack me up and move me home.  I'm not excited. I'm not happy, but I am resigned.  I keep hoping for some amazing miracle job to swoop in and keep me here. But no such miracle for me... yet. I'll not give up hope.

I have pretty much given up looking for jobs. At this point, it would need to be a pretty amazing job to keep me here. None of these just-work-there-till-you-find-something-better type of jobs.  I'm all set to wither away in my parent's basement.

It will be nice to be nearer my family... and I suppose there are a few friends it will be nice to be closer to- but... it's Idaho.  Worse, it's Pocatello. bleh.


Heather said...

OK, Miss. I've had enough of your attitude. ;P No, seriously, though. It's not that bad around here. You grew up here, met some amazing friends here ;) ;) Show a little respect. Also, not a lot of parents are willing to help out the way yours are. YOU are not failing here. I know it's cliche, but times are tough for every one. Relax, and go with the flow. Maybe this is a path the Lord wants you to follow for now.

Vern said...

The good news is that it actually COULD be worse. You've heard of Wyoming...?