Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movin' On

Allrighty.  I have left a lot of people in confusion over the last few weeks. Let me explain myself.

I made a deal with myself (and a few other people) that if I did not have a job by the end of June, that I would move home in July.  I tried and tried to find something- anything.  I mean, I applied at places that I would never have applied had I not been so desperate.  No matter though, because it seems no one wanted me as an employee; over-qualified or not. So I made plans to move back to Idaho.  I gave my notice to my landlord, and started to mentally prepare myself for a move I absolutely I didn't want to make.

Did I start packing and actually preparing to leave? No. Why?  Because I secretly hoped that a last minute miracle would come my way.  I was in denial.  I admit it.  Time ticked ever onward.  My little brother and his family came to visit me.  They wanted to come while they still had a free place to stay. 

My parents had purchased their tickets and the date for my move was set. The plan was for them to fly out and to rent a truck and drive home. After my brother's visit, I faced the inevitability of moving home and slowly (any by slowly I mean packing one box a day). I hate packing. I loath packing.  Packing is an abomination in my eyes.  I bragged to people whenever I completed another box.

Thursday night before I was to leave, my friend, Julie, called me with a job opportunity.  Her boss was desperate for an assistant so she wanted my resume to forward on to him.  I got it to her that night, he called me the next day and we set up an appointment for Monday.  This threw a minor wrinkle in the plans because I had two farewell parties being held in my honor...  I would have felt pretty stupid having the parties and then not actually leaving.  But the parties were fun either way.

I was having a difficult time deciding what to do.  Move home and save money? Or stay in Colorado and enjoy my independence and a new, good paying job?  I set some requirements for the job and decided that if it did not meet them that I would not accept it if offered.  The interview was Monday morning and my parents flew in shortly after.  I dislike interviewing. I always come off an incompetent moron.  No wonder I can't find a job. 

Anyway, the job did not meet my requirements so after a lot of thought, prayed and other ingredients that go into making giant life changing decisions, I decided that moving to Idaho, though not my ideal, would be the best choice.  I threw myself (and my parents) into the remaining packing.  We got it all done, and the truck loaded- with the help of my beloved Dianne.  I am out of the house and nearing the road- staying in a hotel with my parents before we hit the road tomorrow morning.

It turns out that my stress and indecision was unnecessary.  I got a phone call back from the interviewer and they decided to go a different direction (work place code for, "You suck and we don't want to burden ourselves with your obvious lack of know-how.")

So, Westward Ho, the wagons! I'll be in Eye-dee-hoe for an undetermined amount of time- but hopefully not an overly extended stay.  Oh dear Colorado, how I will miss thee.


Fish Family said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry. Hard decisions suck. But, the selfish side of me is glad so I can see your face! (And I will see it. I am determined to, it has been far too long.) You're totally in my prayers, I hope you know that!

Amy said...

And moving is a doozy of a decision. I think an interesting blog post would a list of all the different places you have applied. Good luck in Poky!

Cammie Kate said...

So sorry! It is terrible to go to a place you don't want to go. :(. I will be in Idaho in a couple of weeks. Want to catch up?

Kerri said...

Hope you find a way back soon. We're gonna miss you around these parts.

Jill said...

Hey let think positively. There are potatoes, I was born there, and it's close to Montana. Ok, so I know how your feeling. Good luck :)