Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

Remember when you were a teenager and thought you knew everything? Yeah... me neither, but apparently we all go through it.  This post is to prove to you that I still have things to learn.  Some you might think are pretty no-brainer, as they should be, but it's still nice to get the reminders every now and again.
  • Fireworks can be fun when watched from a car in the pouring rain whilst surrounded by friends and a Yellow Lab named Louie.
  • Playing car games while hiding under a tarp in the rain can be a source of more laughter than you can imagine.
  • When one flicks a burning cigarette into a wicker handbag, fire is a natural result.
  • If you are going to get a tattoo on your arm, make sure people can tell who it is, so they are not squinting at you to determine if it's Bruce Willis or Bela Lugosi that is etched into your skin
  • The phrase, "If I'm going to live through this, I'll need another beer," applies to torrential downpours in the middle of a park.
  • Bands can play, "like on the Titanic; until she goes down."
  • When it's "gonna rain like hell, [you] need to put a shirt on."
  • Hurling is a sport.
  • Kilts are always acceptable.
  • If there are not bagpipes in Heaven, I don't want to go.
  • Irish dancers wear curly wigs.
  • If you leave unattended papers sitting around and the wind picks up, you'd better hope two silly women are willing to run around chasing them for you.
  • Anything said with an Irish accent is automatically ten times funnier than it was meant to be.
  • Everyday is a great day to be Irish.

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