Thursday, June 17, 2010

Secret Weapon

Often when I play volleyball we'll get someone on our team who doesn't know how to play. You know, the type that move away when the ball comes towards them instead of even trying to hit it (if you don't want to play- GET OFF THE COURT!). 

These are usually the cutesy little girls who do ballet in place instead of paying attention to the game, or they spend half the game texting.  Why- WHY is it that when they finally do something right (ie- get a serve over while they are standing half court instead of behind the serving line, or accidentally hit the ball while doing a dance move and it goes over the net) that all the guys- and some of the girls- cheer them and taunt the other team by saying, "Oooooh... we've unleashed our secret weapon!"

Just. Plain. Irritating.

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