Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Review

There are tons of spoilers in the post- so if you haven't seen Premonition and you want to- go away.


I watched the movie Premonition last night. A friend and I sat down and popped it in. It looked really intriguing- and I really like Sandra Bullock and neither of us had seen it, so I thought it would at least be entertaining. 

So Not

I hated it.  It made me so mad.  I mean, a movie with a stupid ending... whatever. I can get over that. But this movie had so many plot holes and inconsistencies that even 15 hours later it's still grating on me (hence, you get to read about it).  I love movies. I love fiction- you know that- and movies ARE fiction.  But the big thing about fiction is that you have to have suspension of disbelief.  If you are doing things that I just can't- even in my imagination- agree with, then you're done for. I tried so hard to give them the benefit of the doubt but I couldn't do it.

She wakes up on Thursday and goes about her day in a usual manner... then gets the dreaded cop at the door telling her that her husband was killed yesterday in a car accident involving a semi. She goes into shock- understandable- and wakes up the next day... oh no, it's not the next day.  It's three days before. She wakes up Monday to find her husband alive and well and a little out of sorts with her.

The next day she wakes up and there are pills in the sink and all the mirrors in the house are covered.  Why? Because her daughter has horrific slashes all over her face stitched up with what can only be described as shoe laces!  It's disgusting (and I know that the medical field is a little more advanced than that.  hello Frankenstein). They head to the funeral and she makes the funeral home people open the casket- but they don't want to... but the TWO bungling men pull the casket out (without that rolly stretcher thing that they carry caskets on) and drop the casket.  It pops open and her husbands head goes rolling.  THAT WAS SO STUPID! That would NEVER happen!

The next day... I don't even care what day it was- it was back in time, her daughter ran through the sliding glass door (because all 12 year olds are *that* stupid and strong) and gets the cuts on her face... but... it's Tuesday... wouldn't she have had the cuts on Thursday when they find out the dad died?

It all goes on from there- I don't even want to talk about it any more.  The wife was crazy.  The husband was a sleaze and the grandmother and best friend were crap for having her committed.  Her husband just died.  Of COURSE she's going to be a bit loopy.  But they think that she cut up her daughter.  Apparently in their world sliding glass doors are instantly repaired and the grandma just assumes that the mother just cuts the kid's faces up before asking what happened.

Don't get me started about the ending...

Ugh... so so SO stupid. Although I don't regret movie night with my friend and the intellectually stimulating conversation the movie created, I'll never get those two hours back   Just like you wont get the time back you wasted reading this post.


Wendy Swore said...


After hearing about the movie the other day and now reading your review, I'm glad I've never seen the movie!

I stopped by because I have a fun contest going on at my blog I thought you might like. It only takes 100 words to enter and you can win any book you want.

Hugs to you my friend. :)

ZAC said...

HA! So did you read other reviews? As for the wasted time: whatever! You saw firsthand what you never plan to do in your own writing/storytelling! ;)

Fish Family said...

Haha, I totally agree with your assessment! It's so true. I was superbly disappointed in it, as I thought it looked really interesting. I thought it was a waste of Sandra Bullock's talent!