Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A couple of things I've been mulling over:

Last week in Breckenridge we stopped for lunch at an A&W.  The inside was not typical for all the A&Ws I've been in lately.  It had a big sign about Jesus, pennies with crosses punched in them, and pamphlets all over the walls.  That's not the confusing part.  There were also Menorahs, the ten commandments written in Hebrew, and some Shalom song playing on the radio. Are they Jewish? Are they Christian? Are they trying not to pick sides? What the heck? 

A couple of days later, I was walking in a group of people and noticed the shoes of the girl in front of me.  She had on one brown shoe and one white shoe.  They weren't the same style (you know, like in the 80s when we'd wear Keds of different colors?) or even the same type of shoe.  One was not a medical shoe- there was a hiking shoe and a running shoe. Was it a fashion statement? Was she trying to prove a point? Did she just get ready really fast and that was the best she could do?

Last night on The Biggest Loser, *spoiler alert* Sam went home. I was really sad because I really like Sam and Koli. I was hoping that just one team would stay intact for the final four.  When they showed him at home, Sam said he'd moved and gotten a new roommate that we might recognize.  He moved in with Stephanie (who was sent home a few weeks ago). For some reason it really bugs me... to the point that I had dreams all night about TBL. Why? I don't give a rat's rear about Sam or Stephanie. I don't begrudge them happiness.  Or do I? Am I jealous that A. they both look amazing now after only a few months? B. that love came so easily to them? or C... there is no C.  What is my problem?

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Amy said...

Yeah, what the gravy? Wearing different kind of shoes? That wasn't even cool when they were just different colors of the same shoe.