Monday, May 10, 2010

Surviving Mother's Day

You remember last year's post for Mother's Day?  Well, this year was so much better!

I was bound and determined not to go to church, but darn it all, I really like going to church.  So I put on my brave face and got ready. In my morning prayers, I said something along the lines of, "Heavenly Father, please make it so I don't have the desire to punch anyone at church today."

It was a miracle! I guess my ward is famous for having overly sappy Mother's Day programs. This year the youth were in charge. I was afraid it would just be a slightly more grown up version of the primary musical extravaganza from last year.  But Mother's Day was hardly mentioned.  I mean, it was mentioned, but it was not dwelt upon and slathered in our faces and forced down our throats and in our ears and pounded on our heads.  It was nice.  One hour of church without wanting to punch anyone? Check.

Sunday School didn't even mention Mothers.  We talked about the children of Israel wandering in the desert.  Two hours of church without wanting to punch anyone? Check.

Relief Society was about abundance an obedience.  Great lesson... NOT about Mothers!  Even the songs we sang were not about mothers.  I would have stood up and screamed if we sang "Love at Home" (a few of you know how I loath that song) but I didn't have to.  Three hours of church without wanting to punch anyone? Check.

I went home to the house smelling like heaven.  I had a pot roast in my freezer so I'd put it in the slow cooker and came home to its glorious aroma.  Mashed potatoes and gravy anyone? Ah... I called my mom and talked to her for a while, then ate my incredible made-by-me-but-tastes-like-mom's dinner.  Then I watched medieval themed Disney cartoons that I haven't seen in ages.  The Sword in the Stone, and Sleeping Beauty.

I also sat around being very grateful for my mom... and for the fact that I am not one.


Wendy Swore said...

Loooove aaat hooooome, Looooove att Hooooooome!!!

*wink* Just FYI mother's day isn't a walk in the park if you are a mom either. This one was nice for me, but I think I've ended up in tears the last 5 before that. Mostly because you think the day will be therefore the world & family conspires to make it suck as much as possible. Fighting, tattling, sickness, jerky people, etc...

Aka, I survived this one too. Yay for us.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you made it thru church without wanting to punch anyone :) Christ is certainly happy about that too.

Cool Socks said...

I am quite proud of you for not punching anyone at church either. That usually doesn't go over so well. Love you!!!