Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Facebook Survey

The trend on Facebook right now is to list random things about yourself. Anadine is right, it's probably some really creepy way of getting personal information- but since I love talking about myself, I couldn't resist.

I'm pretty sure most of you who read this are already my friends on Facebook- but for the sake of those who aren't- I'm posting my trendy "about me" answers. And just know that I tried really hard to think of things I've never listed before.

I was given the number 12

1. I have found my identical hand twin- my mom. Nail beds, shapes, even the crooked right pinkie.

2. I have not had a caffeinated drink in over 18 years. It's not because of anything religious- one day I realized I was addicted and I didn't like that feeling- so I quit. To this day I adore the smell of Dr Pepper and if you're drinking one around me I'll probably ask you if I can smell it- resisting the wine while enjoying the bouquet.

3. I am a grammar nazi and I am probably judging you when you speak to me. But I still make mistakes sometimes and when I catch them I get really mad at myself.

4. Sometimes the cars passing on the freeway outside my window sound like the TARDIS and the first time I heard that sound I got so excited I almost cried... then remembered it's not real. :(

5. There are always two topics you can get me to talk about no matter how bad a mood I'm in:  the U.K and Disney.

6. I love super hero movies. Captain America is my favorite hero (not necessarily movie) because he's just a clean cut all-American boy with good values.

7. I purposely left the country for my 10 year high school reunion and plan on doing it again for the 20th.

8. I don't like contemporary adult novels. They are usually filled with smut, potty language and other garbage. I am usually reading YA novels or books written for children (that's what a read- that's what I write), or books that are over 100 years old.

9. I have always wanted to time travel- but I'm pretty sure if I did I'd be seen as a total freak show- someone my size would stand out- especially a female- and I'd probably be put in a sideshow or burned at the stake.

10. I love being in front of crowds because it means I am the center of attention. Teaching? giving a talk in church? no problem.

11. When I was 19 I wanted nothing more in the world than to be married and have kids. Now that I'm nearly twice that age and still single- I thank God every day for not answering that prayer.

12. I hate theme parks (that are not Disney.) My most horrible I-wish-I-could-crawl-under-a-rock-and-die moment happened at a theme park and now I hate, loathe despise and abominate them. (the incident almost happened again at a Disney park which would have made me hate them too- luckily I was saved at the last minute)

And to make it a Baker's Dozen-

13. It took me over an hour to write this.

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