Thursday, August 16, 2012

So... whatcha thinkin?

At any given time I can be thinking many different things. Right now my mind is a jumble of everything.

I'm thinking:
  • What kind of bozo cries at Lilo and Stitch 2? (the same kind that cried during Lilo and Stitch 1)
  • Why did my visiting teaching companion hound me to go visiting with her, only to flake on me two weeks in a row?
  • Just how bad are butter mints for me? I have a tub of them next to me and it's slowly emptying.
  • Walmart knows their crappy reputation. Why don't they try to fix it? Why do they *insist* on being a ghetto store no matter what neighborhood they're in?
  • How many more days do I have to work before I get to see my cute babies?
  • Why hasn't the laundry fairy ever visited me?
  • Should I go to bed "early" tonight or watch a movie and stay up late because I'm off tomorrow and I can if I want to!
  • I miss my friends that live in states far far away. I miss the friends who live in states nearby too. I also miss my friends who live in other countries.
  • Should I go get my hair did tomorrow?
  • Who is texting me at this time of night???
  • When will I ever make it back to the UK? I dreamt of London last night and woke up so sad that I was not there. I was giving people a tour of the lesser known parts of London and then we were going to go to Westminster. I woke up before we could get there. It seems as if I'll NEVER make it there! I have to! I just *have* to!
  • Next time I go home I need to dig out my England pictures and blog about them as if they are currently happening.
  • I want to play the piano. I haven't touched a piano in two years. It does wonders for my soul but I just haven't been around one to play.
  • I want a kitten.
I'm pretty sure my brain is about to explode.

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