Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Hero

This is going to be a sentimental, sappy post. Just so your forewarned.

My mom is amazing. She's amazing for several reasons. Not all of which can be explained away in one measly blog post. I could probably start a whole blog and name it  My Awesome Mom and post something new everyday and still never run out of things to say.

But the thing that has me the most impressed these days- is my mom is the most amazing visiting teacher. Seriously. She's the kind of visiting teacher you read about in the Ensign.

Usually visiting teachers do the occasional visit (unless you get the stellar kind that actually visit you) or phone call. Maybe a plate of cookies now and again. And all visits end with "If there is anything we can do you for you, let us know."

My mom never misses a month to visit her ladies in person. And it's not just once a month. Some of them she looks in on quite a lot more often than once a month.

Her resilience as a visiting teacher has been sorely tried these last three weeks.  She visits four ladies. In the last three weeks:
  • She took time out to go help one of her little old ladies set up her yard for a community yard sale. There was no one else to help her and my mom graciously volunteered to do it for her (dad helped, good on ya, dad).
  • Another of her ladies very suddenly and very tragically lost her son-in-law, Tyler; a child that has been a part of her family for nigh onto 20 years. My mom was there to give support and comfort and do whatever she could do for the family.
  • Less than two weeks following that, another horrific tragedy struck when another one of her ladies lost a son, Brent. He was killed by a drunk driver. Again, my mom was there, comforting, reminiscing and giving love to the family.
  • During all of this, the fourth lady she visits was in the hospital. The day after Brent's funeral, lady number four (I'm so sorry I don't remember her name!) died.  She doesn't have much in the way of nearby family so my mom is taking charge of the funeral and helping with arrangements as well as she can.
And her amazingness doesn't stop there. My special niece, Jenna, had a therapy worker named Monique. Monique joined the church and got married and today was sealed in the temple. Well, she doesn't have family who could go with her, so my mom and sister-in-law drove all the way to Utah to be there for her. All while these other things are going on- and she had two wedding cake orders on top of it all this weekend.

When (read IF) I grow up, I hope I'm even a fraction as awesome as my Mommy.


Cami said...

New goal? To be more like your mom. Who is exemplifying Christ to the fullest.

Camie Marie said...

God definitely knows where to put his greatest angels. I agree with Cami...she's a definite testament of what Visiting Teaching is all about.

Susan and Scott said...

Your right your mom is totally awesome. She definitely had her work cut out for her the last couple of weeks in our old ward. So tragic about all the deaths that happened but it's a good thing your mom was there helping in all the ways that are important.

Heather said...

Your mom IS awesome. I sure love that lady! It makes my heart smile every time I run into her. :)