Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's My Crime?

I do a bad thing. I've been taught since I was little not to do it. My parents told me not to do it. My teachers told me not to do it. My story books told me not to do it. Even TV shows tell me not to do it. But I do it anyway. It's bad. It's so bad. But I can't stop doing it. Maybe there's a program for people like me? Hmmm... I'll look online

[checking online]

hmm... nothing in my area. I guess I'll just have to confess it here to you. Now.

[looking around shiftily]


I judge books by their covers.

It's not a big deal though. I can stop whenever I want to.  I just don't want to. Some people have to learn the hard way, that is what I do. I look at books and think, "Hey, this looks like a good book" and then I find out that it's totally not (kinda like the snoozfest that I'm listening to now). And then there are some books that people recommend to me that I think, "Wow, that looks really boring" only to find it's an amazing work of art! Hmmm... but it's ok. Like I said, I can stop whenever I want to. No problem.

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Denver's Dining Diva said...

Love you! You crack me up! Have you read any Jodi Picoult yet? She rocks! Probably not your go-to type which means you should totally read one! I just finished House Rules on Monday - super good - give it a read!