Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kards, Kakes, Kops, Kwotes and Krushes.

I feel lately that I've been all doom and gloom (and I think with good reason) but so many good things have happened today that I am bursting to share a cheerful post.

First off, it was my Mommy's birthday today. She didn't want me to make her a cake, so I didn't. Instead, I got her a new deck of Five Crown cards. We play that game C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y. and the deck was getting so hard to shuffle and deal cuz the cards were so worn out.

Then, I got some mail today. It was forwarded from my old Colorado address. It was from my former employer. I had no idea what it could be so I opened it up and it was a check! I HUGE check! It was from my 401k. I know I should put that toward my current 401k, but I think I'm going to use it to pay off a credit card! Woo Hoo!

Work was sufficiently busy. Considering where I work, I always feel guilty when I'm glad it's busy. It's not good for the general public, but it sure makes the time go by faster for me. Plus, I think I'm getting comfortable enough there that now I can join in conversations with others. I'm not quite so shy (yes *shy*) as I was at first.

If there are moments that are slower, I always have two years or more worth of Cake Wrecks to read. I am by no stretch of the imagination a good cake decorator, but looking at those cakes made by "professionals" makes me feel a lot better about myself and my lack of talent.

picture shamelessly stolen from Cake Wrecks

Sometimes I have a vindictive nature (I know, I was shocked too when I figured it out). I am prone to having a lead foot, but since I got pulled over a couple of months ago I've really tried to keep my speeding within reason. And oftentimes (even before my reformation) I've found myself being passed by cars- obviously driven by maniacs- and wondering, "where are the Po-po when you need them?" Well, tonight a dream came true for me. I've always hoped that a car who blew past me would get picked up. And on my drive home tonight it totally happened. Just passing Fort Hall a car buzzed passed me like I was standing still (and yes people, I was going a teeeeeeny bit over the limit). It freaked me out a little when the cop turned his lights on just as I was approaching him. I thought, "I'm not speeding that much. It'd better not be me." Imagine my delight when he (I'm going to go out on limb and assuming it was a "he") pulled over the car that buzzed me. *evil laughter*

Also tonight, I was introduced to my new favorite quote. I nearly had to pull the car over and die laughing when I heard it. I've been "reading" the Anne of Green Gables books on my commute. I'm in book two and found my new motto for life.

"Some are born old maids, some achieve old maidenhood, and some have old maidenhood thrust upon them." ~ Miss Lavender

I'm not sure which part applies to the likes of me, but it is officially my new favorite quote. I think I'm going to put it as a subscript to my blog title.

And the final thing that makes me happy, whilst we're in an L.M. Montgomery mood. I signed up for Netflix and I've been watching the old made-for-Disney show, "Avonlea" Can I just tell you how in love I am with Gus Pike?



Paul & Amy said...

Aren't there tax consequences of just using your 401(k) as opposed to just putting it into another 401(k) account? and man, that cake photo is hilarious.

Wendy Swore said...

Not a great cake maker? Pshhaw. You are awesome. You have the Swore Family approval for sure. I've decided that I never want to make another kid's cake again because yours are all soooooo much cuter than mine anyway. I have a sad picture of a bear cake I made for my #3 kiddo and after I frosted it, the bear looked like he was melting into the pan he sat on. It was so very sad. But you know, I think even that might look better than that one you have a picture of here. Glad the copper pulled the other guy over and not you!