Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bad Baby Names

The naming of Children has always fascinated me. I think it's something every little girl thinks about. You know, the "when I grow up to be a mommy, these will be my kid's names..." and then she comes up with names that she loves. And I think that's cute. I look at my nieces and watch them name their dolls. Every doll has a different name.

Anyway, the whole point of my blog/rant today is to talk about parents who give their children stupid names. Do parents really not stop and think about what a name means? or how a kid will be made fun of? Just because a word is pretty sounding- doesn't mean it will make a good name. Would you want to be the kid named Calorie or Chlorine? Sure, they sound like pretty girl names... buuuuut... (those are just examples, I've not come across anyone with those names).

Here are some of the names I have a problem with. If you've used these for your kids, then... well, I'm not going to apologize for making fun of them. because they are dumb.

  • La-a (pronounced, La.Dash.Uh "The dash ain't silent")
  • Tirany (pronounce Tyranny. yeah, no matter how you misspell it, you still just named your kid after a dictatorship regime)
  • Arian (is she going to grow up and have her own nation one day?)
  • Cage (for a boy... yeah... no.)
  • Bedlam (another boy. Yeah, you're gonna have your hands full with that kid)
  • Breed (boy name. [staring blankly] )
  • D'Loaf [crickets in the background]
  • Dwodger (ummm...)
  • Shithead (yes, it's a real name- pronounced Shi-theed. You can tell her parents really hated her)
Those are just a few- There are countless more stupid names. Just for fun I googled "stupid kid names" and there are blogs and blogs and articles upon articles out there talking about these names. Another pet peeve is about names that are grossly misspelled. There are rules to word structure and pronunciation. Just because you put the letters KJENE:RKJ together, does not mean you get to pronounce it "Bob". Language does not work that way. Why take a perfectly good name and kill it with a stupid spelling? WHY?

  • Alivyiah TreCole (pronounced Olivia. I stole this from Seriously, so Blessed. She made it up, mocking the parents who actually do this do their children)
  • Qaadriyahh (pronounced Quad-ree-uh)
  • Kaylub (Caleb)
  • Kaileigh (Kylee)
  • Larialmy (Laramie)
  • Kaydunce (yeah, that's not gonna get made fun of.)
There are infinitely more bad names out there. Most of these are ones I myself have come across (though I did steal a few from the internet) The site I found that was the saddest, was the Utah Names site. Justa Cowgirl? Why would you do that to your child?

Don't even get me started on androgynous names. If you have a girl- give her a girls name, vice versa for a boy. Do you really want your kid growing up and having people say "Is that a brotha, or a sista?"

What are some bad names you've come accross?


dedesmith32 said...

Here's one for you - Joey knew a couple who named their girl, Abcde (pronounced Ab-suh-de).

Denver's Dining Diva said...

Oh my goodness! We were just talking about this! The thought of naming kids is terrifying enough without all of the extra weirdness!
Here are a few for you:
Kayreah (don't name your kid anything that rhymes with diarrhea!)
Shakyna (don't name your kid anything that rhymes with lady parts!!!)
One of my pet peeves is the "I'm trying to sound rich" names, such as porscha, mercedes...
Or the well so & so's kid is named that so I'll just change the first letter... eh hem aiden, brayden, jayden, caiden...

Heather said...

Heather! I love this post! Ha ha! I knew of a boy name Dakken. Weirdest name I think I've ever heard.

Camisetta said...

Baha! Berkley and I were just talking about this yesterday! His last name is Starks, and he wants to name his first child Tony/i, depending on whether it is a boy or girl. Yeah. Tony Starks. Ironman.

me said...

So we're thinking about a baby name that's kind of androgynous. Not because we want to be gender benders, but because we really like the name. I hope our kid doesn't turn out to be like Pat...