Monday, October 11, 2010

Funny Things

The other day I put gas in my car and I couldn't get the gas to stop pumping. I was freaking out and it flustered me so, that once I got it turned off I apparently forgot to put the gas cap back on and close the cover.  I noticed two days later when I stopped for gas again.  Funny thing: I just commented on a friend's blog and had to write in a code for my comment to appear.  The code word?
HAHAHAHA!!!! How does it know?

I have found myself a new hobby.  I've been practicing cake decorating.  I need occasions to make cakes. It's birthday season in the Baker family- but I don't make my own cake (we don't do cake for my birthday) my brother got a fun football referee cake from me. My sister, Kim doesn't do cake either (we're both birthday pie girls; she's Cherry and I'm French Silk).  The next birthday isn't for a month. I'm dying to make another cake and I'm just looking for a reason... time... and money. I want to get my name out there for people to order cakes, but I'm not confident enough to charge what I think fondant cakes should go for- but I don't want to get hosed on money because though they look simple, fondant cakes are time consuming. Plus I don't think people in this town are willing to pay what a cake like that *should* go for. Are we cheap or frugal? Hmmm...  Funny thing: we don't eat a ton of cake around this place so I can't really make a cake just for the sake of making one.

I actually have almost a year's worth of cakes planned out for my family birthdays. I can't wait to make them! I hope birthdays come fast! I wish we liked cake more. I have several cute ideas for holiday cakes as well- pick holiday, I have a cake to make for it... well, not Columbus day.

Speaking of Columbus Day, Funny thing: did you ever stop to think that we celebrate every year just because a guy got lost and didn't ask for directions? What kind of behavior are we condoning here?

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