Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I don't have a lot going on in my life but I have found a few things that make me happy- no matter how nutty you think I am.

1) The music on my blog.  I come to the library everyday and listen to it whilst I peruse the online job sites and other things that occupy my afternoon.  It's a mixture of all my favorite songs so how could I ever get sick of it? It's a work in progress. I still have many songs to add to it.

2) Don't. Judge. Me...

Last weekend I was here at the library.  They were having a book sale so I thought I would wander through it to see if there was anything I couldn't live without.  They had a whole wall of VHS movies for free- just trying to get rid of them.  I found a few good ones, but I was nearly brought to tears when I found:
Seriously, don't judge me. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid- It always made me cry. I don't know if it will now that I'm... old... but It taught me a lot about China! I still sing songs from it. I still want to meet the Monkey King. image via

3) Themed movie nights.  Since I've been unemployed I've had a LOT of time on my hands.  Nearly every night I watch at least two movies- but they always have to have something in common. I can't just watch two random movies. See if you can find the connections: Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Last Unicorn and The Court Jester;  or Splash, A League of Their Own and That Thing You Do (those are really easy connections, but you see how it goes).

4)  That little red box at the bottom right corner of facebook.
I love it when I have notifications because generally that means someone has made a comment on something I've said, or written on my wall. I love it when people write on my wall- or make comments about things I've said.

5) Reading.  I love escaping this world. Which is why I rarely read biographies or other nonfiction, or could- happen-in-this-world types of books.  Some may think all I read is bubblegum- but it's a really cheap vacation away from this world that well... kinda sucks sometimes.

6) Indexing records for family history. I have done things like Wedding Licences, Death Certificates (one guy died in a fire, he got his leg soaked in kerosene and fell asleep next to a lantern... ouch) but mostly I do the Census records. I take the hand written records and transcribe them into type.  It makes it easier for people to do their family history work.  I love imagining the stories of these people.  Right now I'm working on the 1905 Census from Louisiana. It's a really good hobby. I highly recommend it. You can work on it during your themed movie nights.


Amy said...

I SOOo know what you mean about the comment box on FB. That's how I feel about blog comments. Social interaction is so necessary, especially since it seems like everybody is so spread out.

Wendy said...

I remember seeing that sesame street picture before, but I don't remember seeing the show. Bring it on over and I'll make popcorn.

I didn't know you were into geneology stuff. Good for you.

Heather said...

What can I say, Heather? Other than I absolutely adore you. I wish you knew just how wonderful you are!! I feel the same way about the notification box, love that little red flag, and the higher the number the better! Oh! And I LOVE indexing, wish I could do it more. I do the same thing, imagining their story in my head......