Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let the Season Begin!

I have been overwhelmingly filled wtih Christmas Spirit today. I'm just happy.  Here are a list of things that are making me smile today.

  • The lady at Khols who was wearing a fur coat... and flip flops
  • Christmas Music on the radio
  • Singing along with said music
  • Really good literature (I'm reading the Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Spaghetti for breakfast
  • Watching a three year old boy hold the door for his mom
  • Free internet at the library
  • Waking up after having dreams of Hawaii (that may sound sad, but at least I can dream about it now, where before even the idea was beyond my dreams)
  • Texting my little brother
  • Knowing that around 5:00 Jess will text me and ask me how my day was
  • Getting excited to go home for Christmas
  • Paying rent (weird, I know, but it's not borrowed money!)
  • Thinking about what I want to get people for Christmas
  • Trying to decide which Chrstmas movie to watch first tonight
  • Rehearsing for my singing group's debut performance this Saturday!
  • My new Purple Shamrock that a funny old guy in my ward brought me... planted in an egg shell.
I really could go on.  It's just a lovely day. I have so many things to smile about, this list doesn't make a dent.


Jessica said...

Ack!!! I feel terrible that it is 8 and I still haven't texted you. Devin took the phone to class. I'm going to text you to death between 9 and 12. Not that you'll see this message before that, but at least you'll know I thought it was sweet you were looking forward to my interfering.

Amy said...

Oh Bakeshow, spaghetti for breakfast? You crack me up and I want to see you.

The Crockett Family said...

Hey, I just finished the Chronicles of Narnia! I'm so glad you posted your blog address. Yea for people who talk about themselves so I can read about them! ;)

Amy said...

I had a purple shamrock once, *sniff* I LOVED it, cutest little plant, ever! Wait till it blooms, they're so precious! :0)