Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

Ahhh.... the last day of the year. There is something so refreshing about a new year. It's just another day- but for some reason it feels as if things are starting all over.  And I can't say I'm sad to see it go.  Although, sitting here thinking about all the crappy things that happened in 2009, it was in fact, a pretty awesome year. Here are some things that happened- the good the bad and the unattractive:

  • I went to Disneyland with my ENTIRE family- on a bus!
  • I got to see the ocean for the first time in years!
  • I went to Seaworld for the first time ever.
  • I went to girls camp and survived.
  • Amy came to see me. I haven't seen her in forever!
  • I went to a MoTab concert at Red Rocks and cried when they played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.
  • I learned how to blog.
  • I was introduced to Big Fat Cupcake. Oh. My. Gosh.
  • I met with a literary agent and she said I didn't suck!
  • I *sort of* participated in Relay for Life.
  • Cindy came to visit me and tried out for American Idol.
  • I edited a whole novel.
  • Dianne and I went to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! It was totally awesome! I giggled like a little girl.
  • My parents *finally* came for a visit!
  • Lisa and I went to Seattle and stayed in the most ghetto hotel ever imagined.
  • I drove with my favorite travel buddy to Port Angeles and Forks
  • I spent a couple of hours at First Beach in LaPush.
  • I wore a sweatshirt to the beach for the first time in my life.
  • I spent time in the hospital with a sweet little girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia.
  • I shared what is most important to me with someone who *was* important to me and never heard from him again.
  • I got fired from a job I hated.
  • I cried a lot.
  • Jessica came to see me and we had the absolute best time ever!
  • I laughed a lot.
  • Jessica introduced me to garlic cheese spread which may lead to my demise.
  • I went on a Jane Austen scavenger hunt.
  • Came home for a visit and ate Nutella for the first time.
  • My friends took me to the circus for my birthday- first circus ever! I have awesome friends.
  • My uncle died.
  • Two of my sisters and one niece came to see me.
  • We saw Wicked (absolutely indescribably fabulous).
  • Went to the Hammond Candy Factory and watched them make Lollipops.
  • Hanna and I went to Hawaii (with a friend of hers).
  • I laid on the beach and fried like an egg.
  • Jona was in Hawaii the same time as me so I got to spend some time with her!
  • I lost my camera.
  • I bawled my eyes out at Pearl Harbor.
  • I made Thanksgiving dinner and no one died.
  • I got a job and worked for five days over a series of three weeks then quit.
  • I came home and spent the Holidays with my Idaho friends and family.
  • I got a cute new baby nephew! He's so darn sweet!
See, It's been an eventful year- and I must be in a good mood because I remembered mostly good things!  Here's to a fabulous 2010! *clink glasses*


Jessica said...

I'm pretty sure I get credit for introducing you to Nutella as well my friend. Hahaha!

Wendy said...

Heather, that is a year for the books! What a year of experiences and fun. I had the most fun shopping (usually a chore for me) with you! Let's make it a tradition to go out like that when you come to town. Of course by this time next year, you might be all tied up with your book tour and such- but maybe you can squeak me in.