Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taking a break from writing...

... to do some more writing. It's like a track star going for a jog just for fun. Only this isn't really burning any calories.

So. I've been working my tooshy off... typing my fingers to the bone... trying to make up for two and a half years worth of procrastination all in one week. Go me. It's been since I graduated that I've written anything- or even looked at the stories that I wrote back in yonder days. I'd decided that they were crap- with confirmation from a certain professor. Although the one professor whose opinion I truly trusted told me they were really good- but somehow the negative review stuck and the good one didn't. Weird how that works.

Well, after all this time, I have finally done something about it. I moved to Denver in order to have more opportunities for publishing. I'm sure this isn't the mecca for writers, but there's a lot more opportunity here than in poky ol' Poky. (not that I'm dissing home. I still love it... don't worry) I've been here two years and have done nothing to further my plight as an author. Well, die of shock, sports fans, I am meeting tomorrow with a literary agent! *GASP* I know!

I don't really know what to expect. I don't know if she's just going to look at my stuff and say "yes this is marketable" or "no, this is crap" or if she's going to take it and try to get it published for me- or if she's a self publisher- which I'm totally not in to- I don't believe in self publishing. I just don't know. So cross your fingers, arms legs and eyes that things will go well tomorrow and if nothing else, that she doesn't think that the one thing I've wanted to do my entire life- and spent tens of thousands of dollars learning to do better- is worthless.

If nothing else comes from this experience, I've learned that I like my writing. It'd been so long since I've read my own stories I'd forgotten a lot of it. They're not as bad as I thought. In fact, I laughed out loud a lot of times- and even got giggly during the very brief romantic part. So even if she says they're totally worthless, - which I wont lie- will really hurt- at least I've proved to myself that I am ok. I'm no JK Rowling, and I can't write characters that people will worship like Stephenie Meyer, but I'm OK. And for now- that will have to do.

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Fish Family said...

I'm sure you'll have more adjectives than Stephenie Meyer. I got sick of hearing how beautiful Edward was every five seconds. I hope it went well for you! I'm pulling for you!