Tuesday, February 28, 2017

That One Time I Went to a Jazz Game

I am so ridiculously behind on my blog it's not even funny. So- even though these are three months late, I'm going to finish them anyway. The pictures have been uploaded here for a month. They are somewhat out of order- but I don't care. I'm just going to plow through and talk anyway. You're used to me, right? A little chaos never hurt anyone.

So in the beginning of December, my big brother and (most of) his family came down to see me. The first day they were here we went shopping at City Creek. Macy was so excited to go into a real live Tiffany and Co store. She'd seen the movie and had always wanted to go in!

She even matched the tree. aww how sweet...

... until I explained to her what the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's is about- and that kind of ruined it for her. Sorry Mace.

It sure was fun to wander around with these goofballs.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden, and then we (all except Kim) had tickets to a Jazz game. My first Jazz game ever! I've been to one NBA game before- when I was in high school we went on choir tour and sang the national anthem at a Supersonics/Nuggets game. I fell asleep.

Of all the times all my family has been to Jazz games- I had never been. Well- I went to like, the summer camp thing a few years ago- but that's not the real Jazz team. So I was pretty excited. We had great seats too!

Before the game started, Lisa went shopping. She is such a silly. She bought a little something for everyone. Shirts, hats, you know. I got earrings. I love them! Yay! Jazz earrings!

Jenna loooooooves the Jazz. All day she kept saying, 'Jazz?" "Go ball game?" She was so excited to go. It was all we could do to keep her from flying away as we walked into the Vivint Smart Home Arena (which I still call the Delta center- because I don't care).

There was a little Jazz bear driving around and interacting with the kids. She wasn't quite sure what to think of him- but she was still happy to be there.

The seats we had were awesome. We were at the top of the bottom... if that makes sense. We were on the folding chairs by the wall. Personally, I think they are way more comfy than the stadium seats because if your neighbor doesn't show up, you can  fold up the chair and BOOM more elbow room!

We got there during warm up time- so there was a lot of time to fill by taking selfies and trying to entertain Jenna (and me, because let's face it... squirrel!)

I should probably frame this next one. Jenna, the Jazz lover.

We were close enough that we could actually watch the game in person and not have to see what was happening on the jumbotron. I mean, it's hard NOT to stare at the jumbo tron- it's got a lot going on.

But it was just a fun day. I'm so glad they invited me to go. Kim stayed at the hotel and watched Hallmark movies.

The next day we went to Temple Square. Macy had scored tickets for the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was so awesome! I'd never been before. I've always watched it on TV, but never in person. When Macy told me she had tickets to MoTab, I had no idea it was the devotional.

We had great seats for this too- the best seats I'd ever had (until the next week) in the Conference Center.

The best part about Christmastime in Salt Lake City is walking around Temple Square. For someone who loves sparkly, shiny things.... you can imagine how much I love the lights there.

Awwww... it's almost like they actually like each other. ;)

Just missing Shayla in this picture. But, when you're off at college filling your brain with all kinds of knowledge..

It really was a great visit. I'm so glad they came. I like living in a city where there are lots of things to do- but I get tired of doing everything alone- so it's always nice when people include me in their family outings.

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