Tuesday, February 28, 2017

MoTab 2016

Ok, here is another one of those way overdue posts. I'm so sorry. I don't know what has happened to me lately. I want to blog- but when I have time, I don't think of it- and when I think of it, it's usually two hours past bedtime on a work night.

So you see the conundrum.

Anyway, in mid-December my friend Ana and I went downtown and met up with my other friend Liz (from book club) to go to the MoTab Christmas Concert. 

In the past, tickets were assigned by lottery. You would submit your email address and how many tickets you wanted- and then you would pray that you got picked. In all the years I've done it, I've only been picked once- but I've always been very lucky to have someone else get picked who gave me their tickets.

This year they changed things up and did a first come, first served deal. It sucks I'll tell you that for nothing.  Tickets were made available at 10:00 and were gone by 10:09. That really, really sucks. You don't even stand a chance!

BUT because I'm lucky- Liz was able to score some tickets- and didn't have anyone to go with- so she invited us to go with her. I'm so glad we did!

(by the way, these pictures are super out of order but I don't have the patience to rearrange them all- so like it or lump it)

I don't know how she did it- but Liz got the best seats I've ever sat in EVER! We were about 6 rows back from the stage; close enough that we could see the faces of the performers. Close enough that we could see President Eyring!

Thanks Liz!

As is tradition with Ana and me, we took a toooooooooon of selfies, so buckle up, because here they come.

See? See how close we were to the stage? It was awesome!

I told you these are out of order. This is the orchestra leaving the stage after the whole thing was over. The orchestra are usually the last ones to leave.

There were a few stragglers though, us among them. This was the view of the conference center from our seats waaaaaay up front. I'm usually up on the second balcony. So you can see this was a real treat for me!

After the show Liz had to go her own way, so Ana and I wandered Temple Square looking at lights and taking our yearly pictures. It's becoming difficult to tell year from year because I always wear the same coat and I only have two nice scarves. I make up for it by doing my hair differently. I chose the wrong 'do this time though because it was rainy and when my hair is slicked down and it gets wet- it gets ugly fuzzy. sigh... oh well. good thing there was no one to impress.

My tree at home this year was done with Angels and musical instruments. So imagine how happy I was when I found that the tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building had done a similar theme. It was beautiful!

And so is she.

Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get a decent picture.

As I said, that night it as raining. The ONE TIME I would have been OK with snow- and it was rain. ugh... anyway, Ana had her umbrella- but I didn't take mine. I put my scarf over my head and tried to dodge raindrops, but I was soaked in no time. I'm not sure what it is with lines at the conference center this year- but we had to wait FOREVER! Usually we just walk right in, show them our ticket and sit down. but this year we were herded around like cattle and were afraid we wouldn't get in by showtime.

The rain was not helping.

More of fuzzy-head me.

Ana couldn't take a bad photo if she wanted to. She always looks good.

Here's more of that tree I love...

We came across this gingerbread village tucked away in a corner of the mall. I wanted to take some picture so maybe get some ideas for next year's gingerbread houses!

Despite the rain and the wait, it is always fun hanging out with Ana. She is always up for an adventure and is always good for a laugh.

Inside it was warm and dry. I wish I could say the same for my feet. Oh well, at least I didn't get sick because of that night.

I don't know why. I just don't. know. why.

This is one of those rare times that you see Ana taking the selfie. I usually take them because my arms are longer.

Won't this be a fun one for next year's calendar, mom? It could pass for both April (April showers...) and December. hmmm...

The show was amazing. The guest vocalist was so incredible- and a lot of the songs were sung in Spanish which was a change of pace. He told the story of the Little Match Girl, which is such a sad, but beautiful story. Makes you wanna hug the people you love- just so they know they're loved- and reminds us to think of those who are lonely. Seriously, Thanks again, Liz for the great seats!

It was a wonderful Christmas season. I was so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends and do all the fun things that we did.

and I'm even more glad that I got these posts done! Whew!

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