Friday, August 26, 2016

This Day in History

This day in history- my personal history- appears to have been a significant day several times over. Facebook does this little thing where it lets you see what you posted on this day in years past. It just chooses one memory, but you can look through more. There were too many good status updates to share just one. So I'll share them here instead. 

8 years ago
I am a princess and you would do well to remember that. 

8 years later or not, this still remains in force. It's actually probably more true now than ever.

6 years ago
I got a job!!!

apparently this was the day I found out I'd been hired at EIRMC. After being unemployed for a year and moving back in with my parents, it was a blessing. A major, major blessing. You have no idea- well, maybe some of you do- the depression that comes upon you when you're unemployed. I felt worthless and stupid- un-hireable and... It just felt wonderful to have a job again.

Did my first wedding cake today! AND it was fondant!

This was exciting for me. I haven't done many wedding cakes- or any cakes for that matter- but for a while there I was on a roll. I DO have a wedding cake coming up in a couple of weeks, but it's just a bare cake that they'll decorate themselves. 

5 years ago
Last day at EIRMC (smile-cry)

I find it interesting that my last day at EIRMC fell on the anniversary of getting the job. It was a wonderful year there, without that job I wouldn't be where I am today (and I'm trying to look at that as if it's a good thing, haha!) I made some great friends there- and a best friend. I am so grateful for that.

I finished my work day on a Friday, and moved to Salt Lake the next day, which means that tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of my moving to Utah. It's the longest I've lived anywhere- except home- and sometimes I feel it's time to move on, but then I remember how much I hate packing and I stay here.

2 years ago
Happy back to school week everyone. I'll just be sitting here at work... you know- not using algebra.

I'm sorry- I still think this is hilarious. And it's still true. Take heart my friends who are students- just pass algebra and you'll survive to see another day.

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