Monday, August 22, 2016

An Olympic Event 2016

I've never been on to keep up with the trends- as they're happening. I'm always a day late and $5 short (I'm feeling pretty broke at the moment, more than the cliche $1). So now that the Rio Olympics are over, I feel it is time to post about my traditional Olympic opening ceremonies dinner. I give 99% of the credit to my aunt and cousin, without whom we would have only had cold Taco Bell burritos to eat.

It was lucky that my sister and her kids happened to be in town for our party. First item of business, decorations. I hung up my old flag garland put out small table flags that I have collected. I could not for the life of me find a Brazilian flag, but luckily there was one on the garland.

This party is one of my favorite traditions- and I (ever so humbly) take credit for it. This is the third or fourth one I've done. I love the Olympics and I love food, it's only natural to combine the two, right?

Remember, we dream on a budget here, and sometimes to get a variety we have to use our imaginations and stretch the definition of authenticity.

We had represented Italy, Mexico, China, Japan, U.K. India, Switzerland, Thailand, France, Australia, Germany, Brazil and of course the U.S of A. There might have be a few.. oh... Greece. Yeah. That one was good. I should have taken better care to take close ups- but I didn't. Sorry.

My aunt ordered some sweet and sour chicken, chow mein and rice. I brought tacos and burritos. They were slightly less authentic than the Mexican wedding cookies- which were fantastic. 

My aunt made some bean-y sauce-y thing from India. There were mozzarella sticks (again with the stretching authenticity) and French Bread. There were a variety of candies from different countries. I broke into my stores and shared the candy my sister had brought over from England and Scotland.  There were some rather yummy chocolate covered lemon rolled wafer cookies.


My mom sent down a batch of pizzelle cookies that she had made. They were fantastic.light and airy and just the right dessert for such a filling dinner.

My niece, Sadie rather enjoyed them. 


For some attempt at authenticity, my aunt got hold of a Brazilian cassava and cooked it up. It was good too- and fun to try something from our host country.

One of the most popular selections was the fun sodas that my cousin found at world market. 

I don't drink soda very often, but It was bottoms up with this bottle of French cherry and lemon soda. Yum-o!

That's it for this year's opening ceremony. I had a great two weeks following the Olympics. I was with the rest of the country cheering on our swimming team (and feeling the embarrassment because of a few of them). I nearly drove my coworker to drink as I nervously watched the volleyball games. They were intense, geez. I love the Olympics. I can't wait till 2018 when we get to do it again! I already have plans for what Korean food I'm going to bring!

Obrigado, Rio por ser um anfitriao muito gracioso!

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Melissa Ann said...

I love this and the Olympics! It was so much fun!