Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ordinary Life Photo Challenge

I was challenged by my friend Heather to do the Ordinary Life Photo Challenge, where you take a picture every day for seven days of something typical from your every day life. She probably thought I ignored it- but here I am. I was supposed to post them one day at a time and tag challenge someone to do it each day, but I play by my own rules. So I'm posting all seven days here at once. And I challenge everyone to do it!

Day 1.

Often on Sunday afternoons I will come home from church and just enjoy sitting in a silent home. No TV, no music. Just me and the thoughts in my head. I also like to include good books in that time if I'm reading one at the time. Right now I'm reading The Harvester, by Gene Stratton-Porter. I've read it before and I love Love LOVE this book. It was my pick for book club this year- and it's my month to host. So even though I've read it before, I wanted to read it again so it was fresh in my mind when my book club ladies come by (also to get some book themed refreshment ideas... I think I have a few so far).

Day 2.

A month or so ago this little guy showed up on our front desk. I have no idea where he came from, or why.. but I love him. I named him Fernando (get it? Fernando Lamas...?) Also because of the ABBA song. As a Disney fan I probably should have named him Kuzco- but Fernando was first and it stuck. Maybe the next one can be Kuzco.  I don't know why, but he just makes me smile. I also purposley included my water bottle in this picture. I never go ANYWHERE without my water bottle. I love water and I drink it constantly. I probably go through 5 or 6 of these a day.

Day 3.

To be honest, I forgot until I was sitting in bed that night. But then I thought this was totally appropriate. Every night before bed I write in my journal. I have kept a journal since I was 8 and have always been fairly consistent. But now I'm OCD about it. I've missed one day in 15 years (and I wrote twice as much the next night to make up for it- so I think I should be given a pass on that one). I lead the most boring life ever. Mine is definitely not one that should be documented, but there ya go. They say that good girls write in their journals... bad girls don't have time. So I guess you know which category I fall under. Pathetically good.

Day 4

This was the day I got my hairs did. It needed it. Yikes! I go to the school which often means I'm taking my chances as to what I'm going to get- the last time I got a pretty serious hack job. The learning leader came over to help my stylist when she was ready to do the cutting and said, "Oh my gosh- your hair is a wreck! You remember that big guy from Goonies? parts of your hair remind me of his!" Great. He compared me to Sloth. How flattering.

Actually, when you put it like that, the resemblance is uncanny!

Day 5

If you don't already think I'm a little wack-a-doodle, this one will help you out. A few months ago at work we started using pink folders. Pink gets dirty fast. Anyway, my coworker was going to throw out this one particular folder that had gotten some sticky paper stuck to it and then gathered some dirt... Not one to condone wastefulness, I told her not to throw it away because each time I saw that folder it reminded me that all is right with the world. I was kidding- but she kept it and is still is in our stack of folders. So as we rotate through folders throughout the day, I am reminded 3 or 4 times a day that all is right with the world.
It's the dumbest thing- but it really has brought me some comfort in the struggles of these last few weeks. It's completely meaningless to everything that has anything to with anything- but no matter how crappy my day is, when I see this one particular folder I am reminded that,though it may not seem so now, all is right with the world.

Day 6

I had to drive to Idaho for a quick visit. I know I talk crap about Idaho a lot- but honestly, in the spring time it is one of the most beautiful places. I love how green it is. The drive is so divine. But only in the spring. In about two months all those beautiful green hills, fields and mountains will be brown and dead and ugly. But in the spring, it might as well be heaven.

Day 7

When I got to Idaho I had the chance to play with this little batch of yahoos. When the first thing they said to me was "Heaboo (their name for me- don't you try to use it) are you water proof?" I knew I was in for something. I was grouchy and yelled at them for drenching me. But then I squirted them back and we went for walks and made s'mores over a pretty sad fire in the backyard.


There ya go. You can't get much more ordinary than my life. Rarely does anything truly exciting happen to me. But I do try to see joy in the most ridiculous things and just wanted to share some of those with you. Now go out and do the same.


Heather said...

I love it! You're really just so awesome!

Melissa Ann said...

Your journal writing amazes me!