Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My first Hickey

Whoa! That is quite a typo!  The I is right next to the O on the keyboard. Hockey. That's supposed to say H.O.C.K.E.Y.

But I'll bet it got your attention (sly winky face).

Hey! Here's to the first post of the year!

This particular weekend is never my favorite of the year- but it was made world's better because my  brother and (most of) his family came to stay with me. They had tickets to a Jazz game Saturday night. Sunday we just hung out at my house and played games and watched movies. (This is where I deny the fact that for the two hours I was gone to Stake Conference, Lisa unpacked all the boxes in my Spare Oom that have been sitting there for two years. I should invite her over more often. She accomplished more in two hours than I did in two years).

Monday we went got tickets to see the Grizzlies play. I've never been to a hockey game before. I've been to basketball, football, baseball... I've even been to lacrosse- but I've never seen a hockey game. I'll tell you, it's nothing like the Mighty Ducks.

We had great seats- and luckily it wasn't a sold out crowd so we had room to move around a little.

If I told you I posted a picture of a bear butt what would you think?

Jenna loves to go to sporting events. She would yell and cheer GO HOCKEY! and dance whenever they played music. She's really fun to take to games.... for the first part. Then she uses up all her energies and poops out.

The Grizz were playing Wichita. No one cares about Wichita!

As fun as hockey is... there are times where it's a little... well... boring. So there was lots of time to take selfies.

During one of the breaks they dropped money from the rafters. Real money!

Randy caught one!

and then gave it to Macy. I told her not to spend it all in one place. She said she was going to buy bubblegum. She would.

They also did this thing where you buy a puck with a number on it and throw it out onto the rink. If they pick your number you win... We didn't get down there fast enough (when I say "we" I mean "Randy") so we weren't in the running. Oh well.

The bear made his way through the crowd to come see us. I don't even know what his name is- but Jenna liked him.

And he liked me! Awwwe... don't we look cute? Me... and a bear... who plays hockey... and is missing all his teeth. greaaaaat.

The game was great- the best part of it was the three on three overtime! That was the most exciting part! The Grizz won with 15 seconds left in OT! It was amazing! I never get to see winning games!

There's my boyfriend celebrating on the ice. Ok, Ok. Maybe it's too soon to call him my boyfriend.

They never did add the last point to the score board... but we knew we won. It's ok.

Don't I have the cutest big brother? I never get to hang out with him. It was so fun to be able to spend time with him and his collection of girls.

Up until that day I had never set foot inside the Maverick Center. I can't say that any more- and I will say it was a place of fun and great memories!

Ooooh... maybe next I should go to Disney on Ice! That's kind of like hockey, right?


Melissa Ann said...

Ooh I love love the first! It looks like a lot of fun!

Mellonee said...

The hickey thing totally made me double take, but I read to the very end. Such a fun post!! (melissa's aunt mellonee)