Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread and Trees

Did you know that December 12 is National Gingerbread House day? Seriously. It's a thing. Well, what better time to debut this year's houses?

Here is Shea's little family. She's getting married next month! She spent forever on those Christmas lights!

 Here's a good lookin kid!

 Sadie and le Boyfriend

 Dal spent a a lot of time working on his house. he was pretty proud of it!

 Here's Val- showing off her house and her new red hair!

Pinky went all the way to Poky with me so she could make a house too!

 This one was my mom's house.

 Shayla and her friend's are back home from college so they made their contribution to the candy village.
This one is Teag's house.

 Shayla's. I'm sorry- but those reindeer are hilarious.

 Chy's house- love the tree.

 This last one is Macy and Jenna's. Their Ana and Elsa house is super cute! And it's genius that Hans is trapped in a little cage. hahaha!

Last week was also the Pocatello Festival of trees.  My sisters, who are amazing, did THREE trees this year!

This first tree was a tree from our family, dedicated to Melanie. He favorite season was Christmas, and her favorite things was Disney- so what is more appropriate than a Disney Christmas tree?

 The kids each picked out their favorite tree

 This one was cute- it had little fairy gardens around the tree skirt.

 There was also a talking tree. It made awkward conversation, but they were amused.

 Even the big kids tried to stump the tree by asking about its political leanings.

 These are the other trees my sisters did. They were meant to be one set- with the trees going side by side but the director of the festival asked them if they'd consider splitting them up. My sisters' trees are always so awesome that they go for top dollar.

Basically, my family rocks Christmas!

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Melissa Ann said...

So when I was work there I was looking at the trees and saw Mel's tree and my eyes filled with tears it was Beautiful!