Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gingerbread 2014

Thar be Christmas going on at the Baker household!  It always kicks off with the making of the gingerbread houses! There is a rumor going around that this tradition should stop. To that, I give a resounding NAY! NO! Some traditions can be flouted- not that one!

Look at all these happy faces.

Jessica and Miss P

Sadie (if that's not happy, I don't know what is)

Valeri and Mr D

Michelle and her winter wonderland

Shea's hand piped creation

And then there's Kim...

...and her fancy penguins

I'm not sure who invited these two yahoos... who are they? do you recognize them?

I told everyone that they HAD to pose with their houses for the blog. Being the writer of said blog, I am immune to my own rules. :) This was one of my houses.

And this was the other one. 

My mom had one too- but somehow I made it home without a picture of that one. :( sorry, Mommy.

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Melissa Ann said...

I love love the red and white one!