Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I may just be hungry... but Oh. My. Gosh. This looks good.

I am in a list making mood today. But the only kind of list that is coming to mind, is a list of things I need to do. I don't want to make that list, cuz then I'll feel obligated to do it.  But I will anyway.

  • I really need to clean my room (which includes the bathroom as well)
  • I really need to do laundry (if I'd clean my room, I'd have more clothes)
  • I need to flip my mattress (I'd quote a line from Friends here, but most of you wouldn't get it)
  • I need to do my visiting teaching (I haven't done it for months, why start now?)
  • I need to find a job (still holding out for Ellis Island- but it's been three weeks... I'm pretty sure that's not a good sign)
  • I need to call my Aunt (she is awesome and I never call her. I'm a bad Niece)
  • I need to go walking (or something that doesn't require a chair fused to my @$$)
  • I need to get a load of crap together to take to Good Will (I have stuff I haven't worn in years, why do I insist on keeping it?)
  • I need to clean my basement (it's full of boxes and broken appliances... what does one do with an old vacuum?)
  • I need to take a nap (early morning babysitting of twins takes a lot out of a single, unemployed, childless girl)
  • I need to eat (all I've had today is a bowl of Kix and a cherry limeade from Sonic- someone else paid)
  • I need to pay my 60 cent library fee (oopsy, kept the movies a little longer than I meant to)
  • I want to get new ringtones for my phone (the ones that came with the phone are lame.  So far I only have The Office theme song as my default)
  • I want to read (A Girl From the Limberlost, more Gene Stratton-Porter)
  • I need to write something (anything... I haven't written in months)
  • I need to send a post to my bestie (I've been meaning to for months, but since I had a dream that she sent a post and died shortly after, I've been a little reluctant to communicate with her via snail mail)
  • I need to stop making this list (and start doing the things that are on it)
Yeah, I think the nap sounds good. I'll start there.


Nick & Tiffany said...

You crack me up! Did you get my job tip? call me if you want more info.

Amy said...

Hey! I did this exact same thing today! Crazy! Great minds think alike and all that jazz.

Jessica said...

I promised not to die at all. And I've sent you post since that dream and not died, even a little. Love your list. Hope you get to some of it cuz I totally cleaned my bathroom and feel like a better person for it.