Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humble Pie

Last night I went to the store. I was in a hurry because I needed to get to bed. I wake up before the sun now (weird, I know).  I was only buying two things. Barely two dollars worth of merchandise.  I am unfortunately condemned to shop at Walmart because I'm poor...sigh... anyway...  At that time of night, they only have three check out lines open and none of them are express. I got behind two guys who were doing their year's worth of shopping.

I sat there and pouted thinking, "If I was in line and had a lot of stuff, and the person behind me only had a few things, I would let them go first. I'm the only considerate person left in the world. The rest of humanity is selfish and thoughtless."  My little dark cloud was gathering, and lightening was starting to flash as the guys started loading up the conveyor belt. Then, just as the cashier was to start checking his items, he said, "No, stop." He turned to me, "You can go first."

I felt bad for thinking so little of the world. It's nice to have surprises every once in a while to remind you the human race isn't as bad as I let myself believe.

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