Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bitter Harpy at her best

I was all excited and motivated to hop on here and write this lovely happy post about how wonderfully things have been going- and how much I love the new Harry Potter movie. I went to the midnight showing last night (this morning) and laughed, cried, cringed and giggled. There were a few things that were left out that I was disappointed to see go- but all in all, I think it worked. By this time in the books there are so many plot lines going on that it's impossible for movie makers to include them all in a movie that's not 36 hours long. I was a little disappointed that some of the Pensieve memories were gone- most of them, actually. And the way Harry and Ginny got together was kind of lame... but whatever. And the absence of the final battle made me sad too... but I see why they did it. So all in all, I really liked it. It was fun to be in the theater with all the people who were just as- if not more- excited as me.

But here's where the bitter rant comes in. I just got a text from my would-be rebound crush asking me how I liked the movie. We chatted via text for a while till I got out of him that he went and saw it tonight by himself. I'm all for going to movies by myself- but a big one like this is funner when you have someone to talk about it with (I speak from experience because I went to Order of the Phoenix by myself). So I told him he should have called, I would totally have gone to see it again (there's nothing threatening in that, is there?). In not so many words he said that it was too much hassle to go with someone unless it was the right person... Ok... So I'm too much of a hassle.

Maybe I'm really blowing this out of context- but I'm so SICK and tired of guys making me feel like I'm not good enough. If it's not him telling me I'm too much of a hassle to hang out with, then it's my supposed "best friend" telling me, "Gosh, I wish I could take your personality and put it in ________'s body." Well, I'm SORRY that the body that comes with this personality isn't to your (or any guys) liking. Or then there was the classic, "Heather, you're the kind of girl guys are friends with, not the kind they date." Ohhh... that's the way to make a girl's heart melt. Let her know right to her face that no man on this planet would want her.

People tell me to be myself and act natural. Well, I am. I've always thought I never got dates because of how I look... turns out it's my personality too. I was told a month or so ago that I'm a lot to take- that I'm very hard to get used to. Great. So not only am I an eyesore- I'm a witch (and not the pink pretty kind that floats around in bubbles). I don't know why I even bother some days... any days really. And people wonder why I cling so much to fiction. Because even in fiction the ordinary girl has a chance. That's why I read- and write- so much. This world sucks and when I read I can escape it. I could really use an escape right now.

If only I could apparate.


Amy said...

Ya' know, these guys out there who make these kind of insensitive and untrue remarks are total wusses. I mean serious weeinies. Conceited weeinies. And you, on the other hand, are brave, and smart, and beautiful (which you have to believe b/c I am not your mom and we all know that our mothers are the only ones we are allowed to impute bias to when it comes to beauty), and talented.

They don't know what they are missing. And there's the real problem I guess. When a guy is too much of a wuss to go through what he calls the "hassle" of going on a date unless it is a sure thing, he locks himself into one vapid type of RS-barbie clone.

Don't believe for one second that it is about your personality or your looks, because it is not. Its about them. They REALIZE that they are wusses and totally unworthy of you. But to make themselves feel better, they take the cop-out approach of saying that you are hard to get used to. Whatever. That's called being interesting and different from all the other clones.

Whew, I just ranted. That was fun. You are amazing Bakeshow. Seriously amazing.

Heather said...

I kid you not, Amy just said everything I was thinking, but I'm not as good with words. Heather you ARE amazing. Knowing you, though I bet you're not believing us. You know what? You don't want these guys who talk like this anyway. Those are the kind that will leave when the going gets tough. They want perfection and that will lead them strait to loneliness.
You my dear, are the "Better Half of a Match Made in Heaven" Of course it's gonna be tough finding your other half, because you are so wonderful you deserve someone out of this world. Those kinds of someones are few and far between.
In the mean time, please remember you are treasured by many many people, most especially by me. I really have no clue where I'd be without you! I love you so much and it hurts when you hurt. I'm hugging you now, can you feel it? Love you!

Phyllisa said...

Oh Heather! I seriously want to beat the crap out of this guy! I can't believe he's so stupid and blind to not see how wonderful you are. Guys like that are pigs and seriously need a slap upside the head.
You have so many amazing gifts and talents. It is one of my dearest wishes that all my friends can find good men who want to made better by wonderful women such as you! It makes me so sad to see you hurting so much.
*big hugs*

Paul said...

Here's a guy's perspective. The type of person that would say those things to you are total douche-bags (pardon my French). I mean, seriously, no normal human being talks to another person that way - they seem to hail from the bottom of the barrel. They are definitely not the type or caliber of person you should be divining your self-perspective or worth from. I say its time to move on and leave these guys to some other poor soul who will end up having to deal with that type of verbal abuse for the rest of their life. Don't worry, there are good guys out there too.

Jessica said...

Well, pretty much everyone else has said it all. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hate when your sweet heart gets trampled on. HATE IT!
But just remember, you have only lived in two places, with fairly limited social circles {as in, you will only date guys who can take you to the temple, which is good}.
So you haven't met ALL the guys in the world. Yet. You are social and true to yourself, and you deserve a mature, fun, sexy man-beast. These are in short supply. But there is one for you. I promise my love! You will just get one with more life experience, a real job, and a lot less debt {hopefully}. And you are becoming an amazing mom, wife and companion. You're fine. Love on Edward and Darcy, and keep being you.