Wednesday, November 30, 2016

That one November Post

Here we are again in the final thoes of the month and I'm scrambling to post something. These are pictures I pulled off my phone.

For my birthday my cousin gave me a game called beanboozled. It's with jelly belly's that are either really good- or really gross. I mean, Really. Gross. It gives you beans that look alike. Are you eating Tootie Fruity? or is it Dirty Socks? Coconut or spoiled milk? Peach or Dead fish?

I made my nieces Shayla and Macy play with me. Also joining us were Shayla's boyfriend Alex and my nephew Dallin. I'll just let you peruse the pictures to decide if they were eating good beans or gross beans.

I think nephew got a decent one.

I was brave and tried a couple too. I got Grass Clippings (actually not that bad) and then I took my life into my hands and tried a white one... coconut! whew! Everyone I've talked to about this game has told me how horrible the spoiled milk is. I was safe!

Most of the time Alex either got good ones- or he had a good poker face about the bad ones. Not Dead Fish though, that one made him gag.

Macy got a few gross ones- but finally she got a good one!

Rotten Egg nearly killed Shayla.

Also on my phone are numerous pictures of my kitties. Why? because they're freakin adorable and they wont be little for very long. They stink and they are total pains in the butt- but oh my gosh they're adorable. Nessa just passed out in my lap one day. Just so sweet.

They were not super helpful as I put up my tree.

When I sit them down to take pictures, this is usually the kind of picture that I'm aiming for.


But this is usually what I get. It's hard to get them both to sit still at the same time.

The other day I was trying to help my niece Sadie edit her college entrance essays. The girls wanted to help too. I'm not raising kittens, I'm raising octopi! They are so wiggly and all over the place. As soon as I sit down with a device, they are in my face, on the keyboard and generally being a nuisance.

The most interesting thing on my phone right now is the picture of this letter. It is a letter I wrote to myself in 1998. I spent a couple of years collecting special Christmas ornaments and I guess 1997 was the year I finally put that tree up. When I put the tree away I wrote a letter to myself, I guess knowing I wouldn't use those ornaments again for a while. This year I pulled them out of my parent's basement and put that tree up. I completely forgot about the letter. 

In case you can't read my 20 year old chicken scratch, it says:

            Jan 5, 1998

So Heather-

You finally moved out? Wow- either that or [you're] dead and people are going through your stuff . Pretty boring huh?
So since I'll just just assume you're not dead- Why did you move out? You're not married yet are you? Nah- [probably] not. What happened? Did you finally get sick of being home? or did they kick you out? What's going on in your life? Right now you're still at good ol' Fred Meyer. Although you did just put in an application to Idaho Central Credit Union. Did you get it? I sure hope so! Well, gotta finish unpacking so I'll let you go!

Remember who you are!
Love, Yourself.

Huh... so was I psychic? Or is it self-fulfilling prophecy? I don't know. I just know I'm a nut. I wonder if I have any other random letters to myself floating around out there...? huh...

By the way, I did not get the job at ICCU. Probably a good thing.

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